Valentine’s Day Giveaway: TWO Engagement Sessions!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I am excited to announce I am giving away not one, but TWO free engagement sessions this year! One in Alaska, and one in the Northwest!

Your engagement shoot should tell a story. Your story. It should be completely inspired by you!

Here are the rules:

Step One: SHARE a link to this post on your facebook profile (use the Facebook button at the bottom of this page)
Step Two: Leave a reply at the bottom of the blog with YOUR STORY and your idea for an engagement shoot!  Tell me something that makes you two “YOU.” It could be a special place, activity, or adventure or a funny, sweet, or crazy story. Inspire me :)

The deadline is February 28th March 4th. The winner will be announced March 1st March 5th!

Small Print: To qualify, you must live within 200 miles of Anchorage, or 200 miles of Spokane, WA.  Spokane area engagement shoot dates are limited to dates during July through September, 2012. 

I can’t wait to hear your stories!

- Haley

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7 Responses to Valentine’s Day Giveaway: TWO Engagement Sessions!

  1. Kelsey Damon says:

    Joshua proposed to me in the University of Idaho arboretum where we always went on walks and relaxed on days when it was warm and went sledding in the winter. He suggested that we go on a walk and have cute little photo shoot there before he left for flight school so that he would have some cute pictures of us. It was convenient because he was having our engagement photo documented without me even knowing. I am so glad that we have photos from that special time :)

    My idea for an engagement photo shoot would be vintage with my favorite thing ever, coffee! I can see a cute little session with warm sweaters and some Starbucks cups with our wedding date written on the cup and or bride/groom. I can imagine photos with my ring sitting contently on top of a cup or on a wooden table top with the cups or Josh and I blurred in the background. We could also incorporate cute cups and warm looking sweaters and cute boots. The ambiance of a warm and welcoming coffee shop can be captured well in an engagement shoot.

    I love the idea of incorporating coffee because it is such a personal thing. People meet, have dates, relax and have fun while sharing coffee with a friend or loved ones. It warms the heart and is something that can be so customized for each person. I think that it is something special that could warm the photos and create a special setting for such a special shoot!

  2. Audrey Barr says:

    My relationship with Hal was built over our love for adventures. Heh, our first date was in a Cessna 172. We love adventures so much that Hal accepted a job in Idaho, and we moved from Atlanta, GA two weeks later. He proposed to me the night before we left.

    Since that moment we have spent even more time exploring our new home in Sandpoint. We were very delighted once we moved here because of all of the hiking, the nature, mountains, lake, and so many activities those brought us. We have even started renting a plane from Silverwing and gone exploring by air.

    I really like the idea of an engagement shoot that involves a flight. I’d love to rent the plane, fly somewhere, and have a picnic on the wings, or even set up a “camping” scene. We’ve always wanting to go camping by plane.

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  4. Brian Mullen says:

    During my final semester of college, Robin and I met by chance in Missouri and quickly fell in love. But, just months later, I followed my plans and moved to Alaska. For 3 years, we continued to date while Robin finished School. During this time, Robin made several trips to Alaska, and for each trip I would plan a special adventure of some sort (I had to convince her to move here somehow, right?). One of these adventures included a flightseeing trip to a high glacier on Mt. McKinley followed by a nights stay in a romantic mountain cabin in the hills above Talkeetna, Alaska. On a cold snowy night last winter, I surprised Robin with a secret trip back to our favorite cabin, made a fancy candle lit dinner, and proposed. Robin now lives in Anchorage and we are getting married on May 26!

    My idea for our engagement session is in in the vintage format and includes several photos in and around downtown Talkeetna, Alaska (wouldn’t be too hard to pull off the vintage look here, as everything in town is rustic) as we recreate our engagement. Possibly one photo inside of the Roadhouse with our names and wedding date showing on the blackboard menu in the background and, of course, photos of a romantic candle lit dinner in the cabin.

  5. Emily Redd says:

    I moved out to Sandpoint from Chicago in September 2009, for my current job at Coldwater Creek. At the time I thought, okay I’ll stay there for awhile, make no attachments, and move on to my next resume builder. About 7 months of living in Sandpoint, I ran into a guy one night that I couldn’t take my eyes off of! After a night of him trying to woo me with his dance moves, and vice versa with my subtle sense of humor, we parted ways hoping to hear from each other again. The next few weeks was spent with him trying to plan a date and me giving rejection. I finally gave in and good thing I did because we are getting married June 22, 2013. I guess you could say it’s a classic case of love at first sight.

    Recently, we have taken a love for snowboarding and both started teaching ourselves this past year. In December, our first time up on Schweitzer this year, we spent the day falling, crashing, and basically trying to get down the bunny hill. Towards the end of the day, I had asked Brad if he would go down first and take a picture of me while I was coming down the mountain on my snowboard. He quickly rushed down the mountain, and waited for me. As I was coming up on him I noticed he was on his knees with the camera in his hand, but just assumed he had fallen trying to take a picture of me, so I went right past him. When we got on the ski lift to go back up, he asked if I wanted to see the picture he took of me. He had it zoomed in on me, and then casually slid the picture over for me to see the ring in the corner. While I was boarding right past him, he managed to get the picture of me and the ring he was holding in the very corner of the picture. Even though it didn’t work out quite like he had planned, it ended up being a great picture to have as a keepsake!

    My idea for an engagement shoot would be a quirky/fun/cute vibe all at the same time. Let’s leave the serious stuff for the wedding photography. I could picture it playing off of our differences, and a few of what we love together. I would love to capture the fact that he is outdoorsy and loves hunting and 4wheeling, opposite to my love for fashion, drinking wine, shopping, and basically not getting dirty. On the other hand, I would love to capture the things we love together-our Pomeranian, boating, riding bikes, wine tasting, music..These are a few ideas I have, and I would love to have it all captured by your great style of photography.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Joshua and I have been together for seven years. We met when we both renting rooms in the same building, and a true romance was lit for years to come! When Joshua popped the question… I had come over for our date. But he wasn’t ready, which was unusual. Instead, he was working on taking up tile (as we are in the middle of a remodel). He was a wearing a tee-shirt that said “game over.” You know, it had a picture of a bride and groom, and underneath the picture was the words “game over.” I waited upstairs, and he came upstairs and started talking sweet nothings into my ear. I was so confused. He then gets out one of my old ring boxes that he had given me years ago. He was down on a knee, and opened the old ring box, and nothing was in it. He started laughing. And I said “what are doing?, what’s going on.” He then re-opens the box, and there was an engagement ring! I said yes, in all of that confusion. Now I always refer to the proposal as a magic trick. How did he get the ring in the empty box?
    That’s Joshua and me. We’re silly, have fun together in the little moments, and we’re both young at heart. For engagement photo session, it would be fun to capture our love at a playground, to a pet store with aquariums, to a toy store, or to capture the snow and mountains while we’re in the wrong weather gear. And we definitely need a picture of him down on one knee, while wearing that darn “Game Over” shirt!

  7. Nicole Moore says:

    The biggest thing that comes to mind when I think of “our story” is how we are always planning to do things. I am in school still, so we don’t have a lot of time to go on adventures. Although, we do go camping as much as possible even if it is at the lake located 20 minutes from where we live. This place happens to be one of our favorite places. It is a small, privately owned lake in Chewelah (about and hour north of Spokane). To best describe who we are, I think a day at the lake would do it.

    We wake up early on lake day and Payton cooks breakfast (always since he is the “morning” person), something with eggs, potatoes, meat, veggies, and cheese while I put a pillow over my head to block out the sun shining through the window. He always thinks it’s funny when I wake up for some reason. He says it’s because the smile I give him resembles more of a grimace, but I always give it a good go anyways. After breakfast, I do the dishes (his least favorite chore) and start packing a cooler. Isaiah, my son, says he really doesn’t want to go to the lake that day, but I know he will love it once we get there, so I ignore the comment. Usually, we will leave the house by about 10 because Payton and I love being there before anyone else comes out. It’s peaceful at the lake, and when no one is swimming, the water is like glass. We decide to practice some volleyball with Isaiah for a bit until the heat of the day makes us all feel a longing for the cool water wating at the end of the dock. Running as fast as we can and smiling all the way, the three of us reach the end of “the plank” and without hesitation dive in head first. The water, usually colder than we originally thought, takes our breath away and we all scramble for the ladder and in turn pull ourselves out, laughing and wondering loudly why we always do that to ourselves. We spend the day like this, running, laughing, playing volleyball, getting hot, and jumping in. People are coming and going all day and we get to visit with many friends. We take the paddleboard out and Isaiah stands up and paddles while Payton and I sit or lay on the board, watching the scenery float by. It feels like we are traveling through the canals of Venice. There is not a place in the world any of us would rather be than right there, at the lake. Finally, the day comes to a close and we sit hudling in towels and as the sun goes down, only the chill of the air makes us decide it’s time to go home. Usually, we are the last ones to leave, enjoying the peace after a long day of play. Packing up, Payton does the heavy lifting as he teases me about over-packing again. I smile and remind him that I won’t have to do anything in the morning but get another bag of ice for the cooler on our way back to the lake. Isaiah falls asleep in the truck as we drive home chatting and planning our future together.

    I decided to tell this story also because it is actually our idea for a photo shoot. We want to be at the lake, and we want pictures of us diving in the lake, playing volleyball, paddleboarding, swimming, and sitting in the sun. We also want my son to be there with us in some of the pictures as we wouldn’t be a family without him. I know this is a little lengthy, but I will leave you with one last thought of mine on love. I believe love is not getting upset when you almost fall into the toilet because someone forgot to put the seat down. :)

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